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2013-14 MBB Preview: Travis Carroll

As a part of our 2013-14 basketball preview series, we take a look at senior Travis Carroll as he enters his final season with the Purdue Boilermakers.


Height: 6-9
Weight: 247
Position: Center
High School: Danville (IN)
Year: Senior

Last Season For Travis Carroll

For Travis, he can be a productive body off the bench at times. Last year he struggled to put up points but could rebound and play defense and that got him more playing time than he would have gotten otherwise.

Painter used Travis as a guy that could push others on and off the court. Carroll went in and did his job and Painter was trying to get that point across to some of the younger players but it didn't always get through to them.

Carroll only averaged about 8.3 minutes per game and during that time on the court, he 1.8 ppg and 1.5 rpg last season.

The one thing that Carroll has always been is consistent in his production and effort. While not always the guy who fans wish he was, he's been the player that Coach Painter has always needed him to be.

What Travis Carroll Brings To The Team

Since Carroll got on campus his freshmen year, he's been considered a role player and this season will be no different. The one thing to remember is that almost everyone on this team is a role player in Matt Painter's system and if everyone does their job, this team can be successful.

However, Purdue does need him to take that next step forward this season and be able to score the basketball. They need production from every spot on the court and Carroll, at least initially, will probably get the backup role to A.J. Hammons.

If he wants to stay on the floor, Travis will have to continue to play defense and get rebounds. Who knows how well Jay Simpson will push him early on in the season but most expect him to be the number two guy at some point.

Carroll deferred a lot the last two years of his playing career on the offensive end. When in the game, rather than take shots that he showed the capability to make in his freshmen season, Travis was a facilitator for guards like E'twaun Moore and Terone Johnson.

Travis can hit the 15 foot base line jumpers and has a couple post moves that work in the Big Ten. He needs to go back to basics a bit and show that he can be an offensive weapon for Painter.

Projections For Carroll In 2013-14

Like we said earlier, Carroll will likely get the backup role to Hammons to start the season but at some point Jay Simpson should push his way into that role. The bigger question here is when does that happen?

We believe that Carroll will show a little bit more aggressiveness on the offensive end this season and push Simpson's rise till about the start or later of the Big Ten schedule.

This is attributed to the fact that it is his last go around and that new assistant coach Brandon Brantley is in the program. He's pushing his guys to new levels and we believe that should make an impact on Carroll.

Painter has talked about creating better quality depth on the team and Carroll could be a big reason why he has that this season. He was a bright spot off the bench in a lot of ways last season for Coach Painter and we expect him to be the same again.

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