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TBH Mailbag

This week we touch on possible basketball transfers, biggest 2013 basketball recruit impact, conference alignment, and more. Come on in and check it out.

Painter may have some spots to fill for next year.

Waggs06: Do we expect to see player(s) make decisions on transferring in the next few weeks? Lawson, Hale, and A Johnson all saw limited playing time in the CBI games.

I have been around long enough to know that it can take a while. I’ve seen in take months and I have seen it take days/hours. The average is a week or two for most. Usually guys know if they want to leave and Purdue usually does a good job of keeping things under wraps until they are ready for it to come out.

On average, I expect at least one player to quit/transfer/not be brought back every year. It’s just kind of the way it goes. That is why you see Painter recruiting like he has a scholarship left for 2013. He may not exactly know how he will get an opening but it usually happens. - EG

Evan_Williams25: Who will have the biggest impact next year out of Scott, Smotherman, and Stephens?

This is tricky. Scott and Stephens are what Purdue needs in the way of shooters/scorers but I really think Smotherman may bring the biggest impact.

This is all dependent upon his development this summer but I think he will get a lot of time, at least in the pre-conference schedule, because of his defense. I expect Painter to mold him to be like D.J. Byrd defensively. At 6-7 210 and a huge wingspan, Basil can defend nearly every position on the court. Painter loves to play defense and Purdue’s at times this year was bad.

If he works hard this offseason and gets the concepts that Painter will try and teach him, I don’t see any reason why he wouldn’t be the biggest impact guy. Who knows how Stephens will be with his bum shoulder and Bryson’s, while needed, may not get a ton of playing time early because his position is crowded. Basil should see time at the 3,4, and maybe even 5 depending upon the match-up. Basil plays bigger than 6-7.

markod: Who would your current college comparison with Bryson Scott?

Terry McLaurin is at the top of Purdue's wish list.

Mark noted Mark Lyons as a possible comp to Scott and that isn’t half bad. I thought about this a lot and I don’t really see a comp but here are some things that remind me of him.

Aaron Craft could be a good comp in the way that he has unlimited energy on the court and drive opposing fans/players crazy.

Bryson’s game is unique and that makes him intriguing in the coming years. I think he can make a name for himself nationally and some kids may try to model their game around his rather than him modeling it around someone else. - EG

roadblock: Who are the top 5-10 guys Purdue is hoping to get in football?

In-state it would be WR Terry McLaurin, LB/DE Gelen Robinson and LB Brandon Lee. Really high chances with McLaurin and they are in a good position with Robinson. I think Lee is open as far as top schools, so Purdue has the opportunity to make an impression there. Purdue would love to have WR Dominique Booth in this class, but the Boilermakers will not be a strong player in that recruitment. LB Sherrod Graham and WR Cameron Polk are ones to watch over the spring and going into the summer.

LB Tinashe Bere from Cincinnati is a highly targeted player. He's been on campus a couple times over the last month or so. They are making a push for OT Denzel Ward, but he announced that Florida is the leader, and there are a number of traditional powers to overcome. Ward will be on campus today so the staff has seen some return out of their recruiting efforts. As for other out-of-state names on Purdue's list, it would be TE Darryl Long, OL Colt Pettit, DT Enoch Smith, DE/LB Nile Sykes and LB Kyron Watson. - BL

willum: How would you guys like to see the Conference Alignment thing go--by which I mean, what division would you like to see Purdue fall into given probable schedules, effects on recruiting (if any), etc.?

If what was reported with the time zone split in the conference is true, Purdue would most definitely prefer the West. That would put them with Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern and Wisconsin. Some solid teams no doubt, but nothing that seems insurmountable. The key is to avoid Michigan and Ohio State as much as possible since those two programs are recruiting at a different level than the rest of the Big Ten. Add in the fact that Indiana and Purdue would most likely be in two separate divisions and can make a point for a protected rivalry game, it would come to Maryland/Michigan/Michigan State/Ohio State/Penn State/Rutgers rotated in some fashion over the years.

The East division however presents opportunities when it comes to Maryland and Rutgers. They reside in two fertile recruiting grounds that Purdue has not really been in yet. The western states, outside of Illinois, do not produce a high number of division-1 caliber athletes consistently. In the end, I don't think being in the West would be a negative in recruiting. The Big Ten is enough of a draw to interest recruits in the region.

Personally, I would like to see the conference go up to 16 teams so the "pod system" can become a reality. It would be best for schedules as you would play your three "pod-mates" every season while playing two teams from each of the other three pods, making it a 9-game conference season. That would allow each team to play each team in the conference home-and-away over a four year period. The fourteen team conference with two seven-team divisions seems like a logistical nightmare for balanced scheduling to me. - BL

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