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B1G Recruiting

  • I have always heard from the SEC folks that the B1G will never be able to recruit like the SEC because of many things, the first of which is the "bad weather" I just wanted to get everyone else opinion on this. Also wanted some opinions on what everyone thinks Hazell will do with recruiting, will we get some big names. Maybe compete with OSu and UM?

  • Win. If the Big Ten can win a national championship or two, it will attract prospects. Kids look at the SEC now because they've won 7 MNC's in a row. The SEC holds that allure of being the best conference in the nation.

    Weather isn't as much of a factor as location. All around the country you see prospects who want to stay close to home and some who don't mind leaving the area. While Big Ten country isn't bad at all, a lot of the elite prospects are in the south. And since some of them like to stay close to home, they go to the SEC schools.

    As for Purdue, Hazell is young and vibrant. Based on what I've seen, I honestly don't think Purdue will be competing with OSU and UM for elite prospects just yet. But there's still a lot of good prospects they can and will get from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, etc. Again, the key is winning. If Hazell shows that he can win consistently at Purdue, then kids will be interested.

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  • psubills62 answer is dead on.

    It will be difficult recruiting in the Midwest against Michigan, Notre Dame and Ohio State based on the tradition and recent success the programs have.

    If one of the freshman quarterbacks step up this year, and Purdue is competitive game-in/game-out, it would go a long way in supporting the idea that Purdue is on the rise. That is not a knock against Rob Henry, but a freshman quarterback coming back to lead a young, up and coming program is more attractive to public perception. A side note, and a crazy stat in my opinion - nearly half the players on the roster have four years of eligibility remaining.

    Another key element will be fan support. If Purdue can supply a crazed fan base to Ross-Ade every Saturday, they have opportunities to wow recruits. Those include visits from Notre Dame, Ohio State and Nebraska this year.